Module 1 : The ritual of loving nature

  • Defusing the “germs (are bad) theory”
  • What is the “terrain theory”?
  • How preventive dentistry is pure terrain theory
  • Why are micro-organisms so important (the microbiome)
Defusing the “germs are bad theory

Essential for the understanding of holistic health and to be able to free yourself from fear of micro-organisms is to let go of the germs are bad theory.

It is outdated because the new biology is based on a natural balance of all micro-organisms (such as fungi, yeast, bacteria and viruses) that live in harmony in our environment and in an on our body. We are finding out that many are essential for health.

Let’s see how this works in the following 15 mins video from Dr. Sam Bailey

What is “Terrain Theory” in dentistry?

In the last 30 years there has been a lot of studies done in dentistry about the origins of tooth decay and the origins of gum disease.

Both diseases were found to be complex and could not be explained with the germ theory.  Only by looking at the full “terrain” meaning: looking at all factors like diet, stress hormones, genetics, sleep, exercise and toxins as drugs, smoking, alcohol, pesticides, air and water pollution we can now find the path to restore health.

Combine all these factors now with the new knowledge of the “microbiome”. This shows us that our cells are dependent on and even communicate with micro-organisms. We have to minimize the use of chemicals that are killing micro-organisms, as these chemicals are often creating disease itself.

It is wonderfully easy to use all this new knowledge to keep your health and teeth in good shape. In the next modules we will find out how:

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