Module 3: The ritual of brushing

  • Do we brush because we are brainwashed?
  • Is it worth it to invest more in brushing?
  • Which toothbrush?
  • Which toothpaste?
Do we brush because we are brainwashed?

A study has found out that eating a pure Paleo diet (no processed food at all) works better than brushing for your oral health. When you are not Paleo, then brushing is very important for preventing gum disease. Unfortunately, it does not do much against tooth decay, for that we need to eat less junk food and drink fluids without any sugar.

What really helps to prevent decay: The 2 HOUR RITUAL: do not eat or drink anything but water for 2 hours after any food or meal. Your saliva is replenishing your teeth with calcium and repairs decay. But it need at least 2 hours…

The art of a good brushing ritual is important. Better once a day the full ritual with the right time investment than multiple fast bad jobs.

Best time: before going to bed (leaves your teeth clean for 7-8 hours)

Which toothpaste: preferably with the least toxins, no foaming (SLS or TCS) and no fluoride. Or make your own from baking powder, salt and some essential mint oil.

Best brush: electric round head with 30 sec timer and pressure control (more details later), stop manual brushing when you have gum issues

Best duration: 4 times 30 seconds. ALWAYS start inner lower teeth 30 seconds, then the outer lower teeth 30 seconds, repeat for the top. Best to use a brush with build in timer

Best technique: BRUSH THE GUMLINE please see the below video (we are not paid to promote this Oral-B instrument, it is proven the best tool on the market)

The value of investing in good equipment

In many good independent studies the superiority of the Braun Oral B electric toothbrush has been proven. It is simply always more efficient then manual brushing and will reduce dental treatment drastically.

Please do not buy the cheapest versions, as these have lousy batteries and no LED pressure control. This LED control greatly improves your brushing by guiding you how much pressure you need to apply.

In 2023 the best buy is the model 1500 in USA, model 2000 in Australia, NZ and Canada and model 3500 in EU, UK. Average price should be around USD 65 (EUR 70), worth to shop around online.

→ Remember that brushing only removes 50% of plaque volume from your adult teeth. 50% is hiding between the teeth in the interdental spaces. Even an electric toothbrush can not go there.

For a full clean we need to add another daily ritual, please click for that next one: