Module 5: The ritual for the inner smile

  • There is one habit that we all have and we should do some work on
  • Why this habit creates high dental bills
  • How to diagnose yourself
  • How to do the ritual of the inner smile before going to sleep
This man here might not feel his inner smile…

What is he doing? It looks like he is stress clenching. Do you recognise this? Clenching or grinding when stressed does also happen a lot in our dream sleep.

Clenching and grinding of teeth, also known as bruxism, is a common problem affecting many. It can lead to significant dental costs and tooth loss, as well as other problems such as headaches, jaw pain, and sleep disturbances.

The ritual for the inner smile is the key for self care and reducing the damage done by bruxing. First step is recognising and diagnosing that you might have a problem.  For that please watch this 1.5 minute video:

How to prevent this easily? The Inner Smile Ritual

90% of dental problems in aging teeth relate to excessive clenching and grinding. We all do this as a reaction to stress and anxiety. Going back to the source gives the cure.

Relax! Especially in the hour before going to bed. Download some bedtime stories or music or a meditation and switch your phone or tablet to flight mode so you are not zapped by it anymore.

Clean the teeth as in the earlier rituals, have a bath or shower and go to bed. Turn on some soothing music (like mantra’s) and close the eyes.

Massage the skull and the chewing muscles. When you find a sore spot, tap a little while with two fingers on it.

Move the jaw left right open close a few times to check how relaxed it is. Remember that relaxed means NO tooth contact between upper and lower jaw.

Then start counting your blessings. Sleep well!

In the event you are not able to sleep easily, use this soothing bedtime story from Dr. Caroline, the sleep coach: