“Creating a more beautiful world our souls know is possible…”

From Hawaii down to the most southern tip of New Zealand and all over the Pacific natural springs are called Puna. These springs are the sources of life itself and are honored as sacred places.

In many healing traditions returning to health is a journey of finding the source of natural balance.

Puna art of re-balancing starts at looking what is hurting. This pain or dis-ease is often an expression of overload and stress on the body. Near every dis-ease is an in-flam-mation. Inflammation is an expression of the body’s immune system to try to restore the balance.

Inflammation is a clear warning signal that modern medicine tries to suppress with non natural chemicals. This often helps to some extend, but it does not change the root cause of the dis-ease.

Non natural industrial chemicals are mainly toxins. The new biology of the microbiome teaches us that the idea that bacteria, yeasts and viruses are essential for our health and that it is mainly industrial toxins, such as fertilizers, pesticides, additives that are disturbing our natural balance. The germ theory is outdated, we need a new balanced paradigm.

It is important to realise that the authority over our own health is ours. Dis-ease is the moment given to look inwards to find solutions and not to transfer the responsibility to the “health (or disease) system”. It is also a moment where searching for essential health knowledge will empower. There has never been a moment in time where so much health knowledge is freely available to all of us.

Having someone you trust, someone who has deep healing knowledge is wonderful. You can can call this person a healer, but it is merely a facilitator, a coach. Healing is an individual process. Changing energies, perception and awareness are all part of it.

Many natural remedies as changing diet and supplementation with essential minerals and vitamins can aid the path back to the source. Finding the right kind of exercise and having some wonderful healing therapies like massage, acupressure and Reiki can be part of it too.

To find your essential source of balance, an interesting journey lies ahead. Puna facilitators are just there as guides and can at critical moments help coach your journey towards your source.

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